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  • Set the forum title, forum copyright, your own title image, your homepage url, your admin email
  • Unlimited Categories and Forums.
  • Private Forum Setup
  • Icon Support
  • Hot Topics
  • Captcha Anti SPAM - New!
  • Search Feature
  • Member Profiles
  • Support for ICQ, Yahoo Instant Messenger, AIM.
  • Moderator Setup
  • I.P. logging
  • Member Ranking
  • Timezone Adjust
  • Complete forum colour and table colour customisation.
  • Avatars, built in smilies and message mood icons
  • Member User List
  • Unlimited in size Sql Server database
  • Active Topics
  • Background Image
  • Upload your own custom images for folder icons, message icons, stars & buttons
  • Email all members
  • Password reminders
  • Lock, edit or delete members.
  • Customisable member titles
  • Forum code & html code in posts
  • Quick paging
  • Previous / next topics & posts shown per page
  • Member details - name, picture, recent topics, age, city, state, etc.
  • Support options - Email Forumco Support Staff or use the Support Board
  • Include links on your main forum page
  • General board statistics on your main forum page
  • Private messages
  • Lockable topics
  • Syndication - RSS and XML newsfeeds New!
  • Spelling Check of Posts (requires small download - ieSpell) New!


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